July 30, 2020

3 Online Benefits That Only a VPN Can Provide

Posted by kevin

The internet is a savage and unforgiving place for those unfamiliar with the security measures needed for protection. You might wonder how you can protect your data from being used in ways you don’t agree to and from unscrupulous criminals on the internet who want to use your information.

As many people are beginning to see the value of heightened security measures online, virtual private networks have experienced an explosion in terms of popularity. The reason for this is that they offer more online benefits than just security.

  • VPNs give you security
  • They access geo-locked content
  • They save you money

VPNs Give You Security

There is no way of telling how the information we send out gets used. Because of this, investing in good internet security is more important than ever, especially since the majority of our transactions now take place online. Our bank and credit card details, and other financial information, exist out there on the internet—merely a few skilled clicks away from getting accessed by an unscrupulous hacker.

One of the online benefits of a VPN is that it encrypts your data, creating a shield of anonymity against any parties looking to get a glimpse of your life through your information. Thanks to this encryption, a VPN makes any data gleaned from your internet activities unusable, because it is not tied to any particular identity. The wonderful thing about this is that you can enjoy this security on any of your devices, from your laptop to your phone. 

They Access Geo-Locked Content

One of the biggest online benefits of any VPN is its capacity to give your device a different IP address. This makes it appear as if you’re in another country. 

This is useful for a number of reasons. For example, while Netflix caters to a nearly global following, not every country enjoys the same content from the platform. There are plenty of movies and TV shows that remain inaccessible to the average Netflix user. Not only that, other worthwhile streaming services, such as Hulu and Disney+, use geo-locking in certain regions. 

A VPN can open up all of these services and much more, by changing your browsing location. This makes sure you get your money’s worth from any streaming service.

VPNs Save You Money

There are plenty of websites and services that use cookies to find out what they can about their customers. However, many customers don’t know that these cookies can change the prices of certain purchases per customer.

Frequent travelers, for example, might experience higher prices on repeat purchases. Ride-sharing apps have been discovered to charge more when users are booking from certain locations or using certain devices. 

Having a VPN can help you bypass these unscrupulous trading activities and ensure you get fair prices on whatever you want by changing your location so cookies can’t track you.


There is no end to the creative ways people can exploit your information for personal gain. That is why it is important to invest in cybersecurity—and in the online benefits of VPNs. With a VPN, you can browse safely on the internet without worrying that your data is being used against you. 

If you’re looking for secure VPN protection, send us a message! We provide top-rated cybersecurity software with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sign up and install our app on any of your devices.

Posted by kevin

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