May 8, 2022

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Using a VPN Service in 2022

Posted by Rhiannon

A VPN, or “virtual private network” is a security technology that allows a person to safely browse the web without fearing for their privacy. VPNs add a layer of encryption to your devices that keeps your data hidden from prying eyes. They can also make it look as if you’re using the internet from an entirely different place around the world, allowing you to hide your activity from your internet service provider, or access geo-locked content. The popularity of VPN services is quickly increasing in an era where data breaches happen every day. While most are used by individuals, businesses (especially small ones) can also reap their rewards. Here are 5 ways your company can benefit from using a VPN:

  • Increased security
  • Safe remote access and data sharing
  • No geo-locking
  • Improved client safety
  • Affordability

Increased Security

It’s a Hollywood myth that hackers only breach large companies. In fact, the bigger the company, the better their security usually is. Instead, small and medium sized businesses are easier targets, especially if they collect client data like medical or financial records. While many of those companies don’t have the resources to afford state-of-the-art security, VPNs are an excellent extra layer of protection that won’t break the bank and will put everyone’s minds more at ease.

Safe Remote Access and Data Sharing

Thanks to cloud services, working from home is easier than ever. Most businesses have employees who work away from the office at least every once in a while. But, any security measures that may be available on work computers cease to help when a person works from their personal devices at home. However, having all employees use a VPN to access data related to the job takes security from in-house to worldwide. Sharing files between coworkers through a VPN service is also safer as well.

No Geo-Locking

If you have employees who travel for work a lot, they may run into the issue of geo-locking at some point in their journeys. Geo-locking is when content posted online is only accessible within a certain geographic location. For example, some American content can only be viewed in America, and users in Canada are out of luck. Some countries, like China, also have very strict restrictions regarding what users in their country can access online. If travelling employees visit those regions, they may require a VPN to access all the tools they need to do their job effectively.

Improved Client Safety

We’re all a little bit paranoid that our data will be stolen and fall into the hands of the wrong people. However, if your company uses a VPN service, you can reassure your clients that you have added securities to keep their data safe.


The last of the 5 ways your company can benefit from using a VPN is very simple: price. Instead of spending thousands or maybe even millions on expensive security firms and solutions, VPNs offer a more affordable option to companies who have limited resources. On average, a VPN service costs no more than $8 per month, per person. If you choose the right service, they may even offer a corporate deal, meaning you can purchase multiple VPN licences at a reduced rate. Protecting your business doesn’t need to hurt your wallet.

How Do VPNs Work?

Before you consider implementing a virtual private network for your business, you need to know how they work. Many articles dive deep into the jargon and don’t shed much information on the topic. However, VPNs are actually quite simple.

They have two main mechanics.


First, a VPN will either hide or temporarily change your IP address. Your IP address is the thing that identifies where in the world you are. For example, if you live in the USA, your IP address will reflect that. Information about you (including browser activity and contact information) might be connected to your IP address. However, a VPN service will mask your real IP with one of their own. This helps hide your identity from snoops who collect your IP-related data, like your internet service provider, websites, advertisers, hackers, and more. It also prevents your activity from being traced back to you.

In addition, if you choose an IP address in a different country, you can access content that is limited to that country.


Second, a VPN encrypts your traffic. This means that the information you both send, and receive, on your device is scrambled to anyone without the “key” to unlock it. This prevents in-transit information from being viewed by unauthorized people.


VPNs can be installed in two different ways. The first and most common is software. A software VPN is installed on a compatible device as an app. Compatible devices include smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and other smart devices (like the Amazon Firestick). It must manually by turned on by the user.

The other type of installation is as hardware. The router or device that you use to provide internet will come with a physical VPN installed. This type of VPN protects your entire internet network, along with any internet-connected devices connected to that network. When it comes to using a VPN for businesses, this method is often better because it immediately begins protecting every device on the network without every user having to remember to turn it on.

With the abundance of VPNs on the market, you can easily protect your business in only a matter of minutes. After learning about these 5 ways your company can benefit from using a VPN, can you afford not to? Try HotBot VPN today.

Posted by Rhiannon

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