October 10, 2019

Shop Online With a VPN for Better Encryption and Better Deals

Posted by Rhiannon

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a tool internet users can take advantage of to increase their privacy and security online. This type of service adds an extra layer of encryption to internet connections and prevents prying eyes from seeing the things you do online. While most people consider virtual private networks to be just a privacy tool, they can actually help you save money. Here’s why you should always shop online with a VPN:

  • Employ increased security
  • Take advantage of lower prices
  • Enjoy a wider variety of products
  • Stop tracking ads

Employ Increased Security

Although most of the big-name ecommerce stores use high-end security measures, making a payment for their products always comes with a small amount of risk. This risk increases for smaller businesses, which may not be able to afford cutting edge security. By giving these businesses your credit card information to pay for your purchase, there’s a possibility the information could be stolen by hackers if your internet connection isn’t safe. By using a virtual private network you reduce (or even eliminate) this risk. A VPN creates a secure “tunnel” between your device and the servers of the business you’re shopping with. No one can see into or breach this tunnel, nor can your information slip out of it. The whole transaction becomes safer with the use of a virtual private network.

Shop Online With a VPN to Take Advantage of Lower Prices

Every time you begin an online session, you are identified by your IP address. This address contains specific information about you, including your location. eCommerce businesses see that data when you visit their websites and, in some cases, may adjust the prices of their products based on what they know about you. For example, if you come from an affluent country, prices may appear higher to you than they would in a poorer area of the world. eCommerce businesses, airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are especially notorious for this behaviour. That’s where a virtual private network comes in. These tools can mask or change your IP address to make it appear as if you’re browsing in a different location than you are. When you shop online with a VPN, it prevents online organizations from inflating their prices, and helps you get the best possible deal.

Enjoy a Wider Variety of Products

Many internet businesses “geo-lock” their content. This means that content in one region may not be available in another region. For example, Amazon has several different sites for a variety of countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, the UK, India, and more. A user from Canada can’t shop on the USA site and vice versa. However, if you shop online with a VPN, this issue can be avoided. This is especially useful if you want to research or purchase a wider variety of products than what is available in your region. Many users also employ this tactic if they’re away from home and in a different region, but need to access their regular shopping site.

Stop Tracking Ads

Have you ever browsed through products on Amazon then saw those products in ads on every other site you visit? That’s because Amazon uses cookies that track your activities even after you leave their site. These ads are both annoying and invasive and can be hard to avoid. However, using a virtual private network in your shopping session is an excellent solution to stop ad tracking, well, in its tracks. As soon as you end the session, the VPN will delete your session history. This includes any cookies you may have collected. This stops the annoyance and increases your overall privacy.

Online shopping is a fast, convenient way to take care of a task that otherwise may be a hassle. Make it even better by using a VPN.

Posted by Rhiannon

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