March 11, 2021

Three Signs You Should Secure Your Connection With a VPN

Posted by Rhiannon

Do you use the internet every day? If you do, you’re not alone. Billions of people around the world rely on the internet for work, entertainment, information, and human connection. As convenient as it is, the internet unfortunately has a dangerous side. Unprotected users can easily fall victim to cybercriminals like hackers and thieves. On the bright side, there are many, easy ways to stay safe online. One way is by using a VPN, or virtual private network. This digital tool encrypts your data so it can’t be stolen. It also makes you anonymous online so your activity can’t be tracked back to you. But who should use a VPN? Well, if you use the internet every day, that’s one sign you should consider using one. However, if you meet these criteria, you may be more at risk and should definitely secure your connection with a VPN:

  • You use public connections often
  • You often download P2P files
  • Your online activity is sensitive

You Use Public Connections Often

If you often rely on public wi-fi for internet access, you should secure your connection with a VPN. Many public wi-fi networks are completely unprotected. Although this allows for a fast connection, it also means anyone else on the network can see your activity. Snoops can intercept any passwords you type or other sensitive information you access, then use your information to their advantage. However, if you use a VPN, you effectively hide all of your activity from snoops and can use public wi-fi free of worry. If you want to learn more about the dangers of public wi-fi, check out our helpful article about the dos and don’ts of public networks.

You Often Download Peer-to-Peer Files

Unfortunately, P2P file sharing isn’t always the safest way to access and download files. Aside from the risk of downloading malware, P2P sharing can also give away your IP address and the information associated with it. Also, if you’re not prudent with what you download and you access copyrighted material, you may be tracked and persecuted for it. With a VPN to secure your internet connection, these risks are greatly reduced. Although a VPN cannot protect your devices from malware or viruses, this digital tool can protect your identity against those who would use it against you.

Your Online Activity is Sensitive

People access all sorts of sensitive information online. But what exactly is sensitive information? There are a few categories your data may fall into. One example is private data, like your banking information or credit card numbers, that can be used to steal your identity and your money. Another example is data that might be embarrassing if seen by someone else, such as medical-related information or adult-related entertainment content. If it falls into the wrong hands, it may be used to embarrass, discredit, or even extort you. Even your location data is sensitive and can be used for in-person harassment if leaked to the wrong people. Because so much of your data can be considered sensitive, can you afford not to secure your connection with a VPN?


If you’re unsure of whether or not to use a VPN, simply ask yourself three questions. Are you on public wi-fi often? Do you download P2P files? Do you ever access sensitive data online? By saying yes to even one of these questions, you should do yourself a favour and sign up for a VPN service right now. Why risk your data when you don’t have to?

Posted by Rhiannon

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