February 14, 2023

How to Unblock Skype with HotBot VPN

Posted by Rhiannon

Need to make a business call? Want to talk to your grandma an ocean away? Excited to video chat with your friends on the weekend? Chances are, Skype is your go-to video messaging service. It allows users to connect to people anywhere in the world. Anywhere, that is, where Skype isn’t blocked. Unfortunately, networks may block the service in offices, schools, and entire countries. If you run into this issue, simply unblock it with HotBot VPN. It only takes three steps:

  • Step 1: Create a HotBot VPN account. You can use our service on desktop or as a mobile app.
  • Step 2: Choose a server outside of the blocked region.
  • Step 3: Open Skype and video chat to your heart’s content.

Can I unblock Skype on any device?

The short answer is yes! All you need is Skype and HotBot VPN installed on the device you prefer for video calls. Currently, you can unblock Skype on Windows and MacOS, as well as Android and iOS devices. A subscription to our service also allows you to use it on multiple devices simultaneously so you can connect to Skype on any computer or mobile device.

How does HotBot VPN unblock Skype?

When you connect to the web, your device receives an IP address. In some cases, this address raises a flag and may be blocked from accessing certain websites. For example, a school or office may prevent you from connecting to Facebook or YouTube to prevent distractions, based on the knowledge that your device is connected to their IP address.

In order to get around blocked websites, most VPNs do two things. First, they assign your device a new IP address from their own servers. Because the address is outside of the blocked area, it will unlock any website you can’t access. Your VPN also reroutes your traffic through their own servers so no prying eyes can see the content you view.

Interested in learning more about virtual private networks? Have a question we didn’t answer here? Check out our extended list of guides!

Posted by Rhiannon

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