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What does “no logs” mean? What is HotBot’s no logs promise? What ​do ​ we collect? How does Big Surveillance impact no logs policies?

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What does “no logs” mean?

What does no logs mean?

Every time you connect to the internet without a VPN, your internet service provider can track which sites you visit, what you stream, and what you download (even if you browse in incognito mode).

Furthermore, they know your location and can link all this to your account information. The data they collect is called “logs.” Logs are highly invasive and violate your privacy. They can be shared with third-parties like government agencies, advertisers, and more. By using a virtual private network, you encrypt your browsing sessions so no other organizations (like your internet service provider) can see or collect your data. However, the VPN service itself may have access to that information in place of your ISP.

That’s why you should choose one with a “no logs” policy, like HotBot VPN. This type of policy means they do not collect any personal data about you, including:

Your IP address and location

Your browsing or download history

Your network traffic

The bandwidth you used

Session information

By not collecting any logs, a VPN protects your private information from misuse, mishandling, loss, and theft. It also can’t be given away because there is nothing ​to give away.

What is HotBot’s No Logs Promise?

Most VPN services describe their rules surrounding data logging as a “policy.” Here at HotBot, we prefer to call it our No Logs Promise. Our promise is twofold:

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  • HotBot VPN does not and will not ever collect logs about you.​​

    ​​No IP addresses, no session history, no traffic data, and more. Your data is yours and yours alone, and we intend to keep it that way.

  • HotBot VPN uses cutting edge technology to keep you safe online.

    ​​We employ AES technology, which is a standard method of encryption used by governments and cybersecurity experts worldwide. This protects you from anyone and everyone who may want to steal your data.

What do we collect?

Although we do not collect sensitive information from any of our users, there is some data we do require in order to provide you with the best possible service. That information includes:

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  • A username and email address

    ​​In order to provide you with a HotBot VPN account, we require a username and email address. This allows you to establish a VPN connection, manage your account, and allows us to provide you with excellent customer service.

  • A password

    ​​To sign into your account, you will be required to provide a password. That password will be safely encrypted and not displayed to anyone.

  • A timestamp of your previous active session

    HotBot VPN allows users to browse on six active devices at a time. The timestamp data allows us to ensure no user exceeds that limit. Once you disconnect from the session, the timestamp data is deleted.

  • Diagnostic and performance data

    ​​HotBot VPN can only collect diagnostic and performance data IF you manually opt-in to this setting.

  • Customer service emails and chats

    ​​Customer service emails and chats: In order to better train our representatives, we will store any communications you have with our customer service team. This information will help us remember and address any past reported issues.

HotBot VPN may also occasionally employ the use of cookies. This use is limited to the following situations

What is HotBot’s No Logs Promise? Graphic
  • Google Analytics

    ​​HotBot VPN may occasionally use Google Analytics. This service uses cookies, which help to monitor and improve our site performance.

  • Site Personalization

    ​​A personalization cookie may also be offered by HotBot VPN. This cookie will remember your default language and preferred background colour so you do not need to reset these settings for every session.

Many VPN services also collect financial information in order to facilitate payments for their services. HotBot VPN does ​not ​ store any personal financial information. All billing data only exists on the platform of the payment processor you choose to use. These processors only collect the minimum amount of data required for your transaction.

How does Big Surveillance impact no logs policies?

HotBot VPN is a proud no logs company. We do not collect any sensitive user data because we understand that it simply isn’t ours to have. However, many users ask us “can’t the government force you to collect and share user information?”

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  • Firstly, HotBot VPN cannot be compelled to collect or share user data thanks to our location.

    ​​Our service is based in Seychelles, a country with no comprehensive laws surrounding the collection or use of personal data. The lack of those laws means they have no say in how we operate regarding user information.

  • Secondly, Seychelles does not belong to the list of countries we collectively refer to as “Big Surveillance”.

    Big Surveillance countries are a part of what’s known as the “Eyes Alliances.” There are three Eyes Alliances. They are the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes Alliances.

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