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How to Unblock Netflix with HotBot VPN

How to Unblock Netflix with HotBot VPN

Unblock Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular content streaming services in the world, with more than 158 million subscribers worldwide. However, access to content differs depending where in the world you access the platform. This is especially frustrating for users who aren’t otherwise able to watch a particular show or movie. In recent years, VPN services have been working to unblock Netflix and other geo-restricted content. Here’s how to do just that with HotBot VPN:

  • Step 1: Register for your very own HotBot VPN account. 
  • Step 2: Choose a server from the Netflix region you want to access. Locations in the United States are the most popular.
  • Step 3: Sign in to your existing Netflix account.
  • Step 4: Enjoy unrestricted streaming content.

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to unblock Netflix with HotBot VPN! To unblock more sites, check out our other guides here. Have more questions about Netflix? Take a look at our quick FAQs:

Can I use HotBot VPN with Netflix?

Absolutely! Several of our servers have the ability to unblock geo-restrictions on Netflix, so you can watch from anywhere in the world. Take a look at our other features here.

Does my HotBot VPN subscription come with a Netflix account?

Unfortunately, HotBot VPN is not affiliated with Netflix. In order to watch content on the service, you will either have to create a new Netflix account or log into an existing one. 

Which devices can I use to watch Netflix with HotBot VPN?

You can easily unblock Netflix on any device that has HotBot VPN installed on it. Our service can be used as a desktop application for either Windows or Mac, or as a mobile app for Android or iOS.

Will my streaming speed be slowed down if I use a VPN?

If you use any VPN, there is some risk that your internet connection will slow down. Some services are worse than others. However, HotBot VPN users rarely notice any difference in internet speeds.

In fact, using a virtual private network may actually improve your connection speed. Some internet service providers deliberately throttle speeds for users streaming Netflix. By connecting via a VPN, you avoid your ISP altogether.

I can’t get Netflix to work. What now?

If you believe the error is on our end, and not coming from Netflix, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

Have more questions about VPNs and how they work? Check out our other FAQs.

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