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Virtual private networks have been protecting the freedom and privacy of internet users since 1996.

Now, more than 20 years later, it’s more important than ever for everyone to take advantage of the benefits of a VPN service. Take a look at some of the most popular reasons people sign up for HotBot VPN:

1 - Stop Tracking in its Tracks

In the era of Big Surveillance, your every digital move is being tracked. Data about who you are, what you search for, what you buy, and who you talk to is all logged away for future use. Thanks to VPN technology, you can put an end to that invasive tracking. Take a look at just a few of the organizations vying for your online data:

Man in a suit with a diagram of web connectivity behind
  • Your Internet Service Provider

    As your point of access to the web, your ISP has the privilege of seeing all your online activity (whether you want them to or not). Thanks to the IP address they assign you, they also know your name, address, and more. Not only can they see and collect your data, some providers also sell it to third-parties.

Targeted Advertising tag
  • Advertisers

    The internet is full of cookies, and not the edible kind. Digital cookies are small text files a website can store on your device. Many of these files collect your site preferences (for example login or language information) and are only meant to make your web sessions easier. They cannot be transferred between domains. However, there are also cookies known as “tracking cookies.” These files can follow your activities between websites. They also collect your session data which is then sent to third-parties like advertisers. You can blame tracking cookies every time you see an ad on Facebook for a product you were looking at on Amazon. The information these cookies collect can also include details such as your name and address, and it can be sold to other parties as well. This allows advertisers to display highly targeted ads built just for you.

Connectivity between people
  • Governments

    A government may collect your internet data for a variety of reasons. These reasons include to monitor any perceived threats to public safety, but also to build profiles about the lives of their private citizens (even ones deemed non-threatening). This knowledge can be used to censor or distort official information online, or possibly to oppress populations, depending on the country in which you live.

Hacker in the matrix
  • Hackers

    Hackers love data. An internet connection not secured by a VPN opens them up to the possibility of collecting that data, from financial information and passwords to personal details that can lead to identity theft.

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2 - Enjoy Content From All Over the Web, All Over the World

Although it may be called the “World Wide Web” there’s actually a lot of content on that web that can’t be accessed by users simply because of where they live. This tactic is called geo-blocking. Take video streaming services, for example. The content on those services often differs between countries, meaning a user in Canada cannot watch a show available only on that service’s American counterpart. While this form of geo-blocking is typically used to protect copyrights, there are several other reasons content may be locked to users. Here’s why you may want to use a VPN to avoid geo-blocking altogether:

Netflix on a tablet
  • Watch Netflix

    Video streaming services, like Netflix, are notorious for making a TV show available in one country but not in another. Thanks to HotBot VPN, you can select a new, temporary IP address to make it appear as though you’re browsing a streaming service in any country of your choice. You’ll never have to vicariously watch a show through live tweets again.

Display window and a padlock
  • Avoid School and Office Restrictions

    ​Some organizations, like workplaces and schools, block certain websites from their networks. This prevents you from browsing Facebook when you should be preparing that report for Monday. However, sometimes you just need to access a blocked site. A VPN is going to be your most important tool for successfully avoiding the network block, freeing you to browse YouTube and Twitter at your leisure.

Search bar hovering over phone
  • Research Without Bias

    Our IP addresses and web browsers collect our information and use it to build detailed profiles about our lives. If this wasn’t invasive enough, these tools also contribute to web search biases, meaning when you conduct a web search, the engine is likely to return the results it believes you will be most interested in. While that might not be a bad thing if you want to read the biography of Queen Elizabeth II, professional research conducted by journalists, scientists, and students could suffer. Using a VPN will ensure that the results returned from your search will be an unbiased sample of the information available.

Digital-theme padlock
  • Bypass Censorship

    ​There are many regions around the world governed by organizations who censor the content their citizens are allowed to access. This censorship is largely oppressive and designed to misinform and placate the masses within these regions. If you live in one such area, or are visiting for business or leisure, a VPN is absolutely crucial to combat censorship.

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3 - Secure Your Browsing

You may think your browsing sessions are secure but just how safe are they? Your internet service provider is probably collecting your data, but other parties might be as well, without you even knowing. While you should always use a VPN while browsing, here are just a few situations where it’s especially important:

Connectivity between networks graphic
  • You’re on Public Wi-Fi

    So you’re out of the house and you need to look up directions for the newest bakery in town, or you have to send an important email. Maybe you’re just bored while waiting for your bus so you want to take a few Buzzfeed quizzes. You don’t want to waste your phone’s data, or perhaps you don’t have any, so you connect to the public wi-fi in the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s. Unfortunately, public wi-fi poses a huge risk to your online safety. When you connect to an online network, anyone else on that network can see your activities and intercept your information. Rather than leaving yourself exposed, use a VPN. It will create a secure connection between you and the website you’re engaging with, so that no prying eyes can snoop into your activities or hijack your data.

µTorrent on a laptop
  • You Want to Torrent Content

    ​Torrenting is a type of online file sharing that relies on a network of connected computers to upload content. Content on the devices engaged in this type of sharing (known as peer-to-peer sharing) is more readily available to other users, which can lead to device breaches. You can avoid the risk of having your files made public by using a VPN when you torrent.

Online banking graphic
  • You’re Banking Online

    Online banking has some of the best encryption on the market. After all, no one would use these services if they weren’t safe. However, there’s no reason not to make online banking even safer. Use a VPN to do so.

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4 - Make Your Social Activities Safer

The internet makes us all more social, even from the comfort of our own couches. We can use the web to shop online, talk to friends and family halfway around the world, and play games with complete strangers. But every single one of these activities can be improved by a VPN service. Here’s how:

Online shapping graphic
  • Online Shopping

    Did you know that when you shop online, the price you pay for a product may be more expensive than what someone in another country pays? This is all thanks to online stores knowing your location courtesy of your IP address. Based on that information, a website can inflate prices for people living in more affluent countries or lower it for people living in poorer regions. This tactic is especially popular with airlines and rental services. However, if you use a VPN, you can change your IP address to shop around from a variety of “countries,” allowing you to get the best deal. A VPN service will also protect your financial information from being stolen if you give it to an unsecure retailer.

Data protection graphic
  • Messaging Services

    Messaging services are often fast and free ways of connecting with people around the globe. However, many of them employ pitiful encryption tactics which leaves the content of your conversations at risk of being stolen. By using a VPN, you don’t have to worry that your discussion with your boss will be hacked or that Grandma’s Top Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe will be stolen from your inbox.

Male gamer screaming happily at his screen
  • Online Gaming

    Online multiplayer games are a great way to pass the time...until your internet service provider throttles your bandwidth and the lag you now have makes you want to rage quit. Playing games with a VPN can not only help you get around that throttling, but can also open up geo-blocked content, and prevent data from your gaming profile being collected and sold.

Privacy graphic over laptop screen

5 - Maintain Full Privacy and Control of Your Browsing

Privacy is your right and it’s more accessible than ever before, thanks to virtual private networks. Why ​wouldn’t​ you use one? Start Now

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