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Using HotBot VPN provides an enhanced internet experience. Get total privacy plus all these amazing built-in features. Explore freely, the way it's meant to be.

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Basic Features

High Speed Connections
Incredibly Fast Connections

Maximum download speeds available. Unlimited, no restrictions. 6 Devices at once!

Multiple Server Locations
2000+ Server Locations

Enjoy no limits with HotBot VPN! With more than 2000 servers to our name you will always find the connection you are looking for. Access our VPN servers in multiple countries around the world.

Multiple Devices
Use HotBot VPN on Multiple Devices

All you need is a single HotBot VPN account. Membership allows you to connect with multiple devices. Mac, Windows, Android, iOS.

Real Customer Support
Real Customer Support

We offer real agents that can answer your questions. Our support team can help you set-up or answer troubleshooting questions you may have.

Instant Privacy & Security
Instant Privacy & Security

HotBot VPN hides your true IP address from everyone, then encrypts your network data so it is impossible to decipher. Total security with one quick connection.

Advanced Features

Kill Switch
Kill Switch

Our built-in kill switch instantly blocks your network connection if for some reason the VPN connection drops. You can feel safe at all times.

Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption

Protecting your data is our top concern. We only use the most advanced 256 bit data encryption. It's the only encryption that is trusted by security experts around the world.

Zero Logging
Zero Logging, No Activity or Connection Logs

HotBot VPN has a zero log promise. We don't track or log anything when you connect. Nothing remains to identify who you are or where you are.

DNS Leak Protection
DNS Leak Protection

We use cutting-edge technology to secure network activity and privacy in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside a secure HotBot VPN tunnel.

And More


Access your content anywhere, anytime on multiple devices. Avoid data caps and throttling. Watch your normal shows even while travelling.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth

Download unlimited content. Prevent your ISP from putting limits on certain kinds of traffic by masking all your traffic. Breakthrough the boundaries of the internet.

Anti Hacker
Anti-Hacker & Public Wi-Fi Security

HotBot VPN is crucial when using public wi-fi. Become invisible to hackers, network attacks, snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and more. Not using a secure VPN on public networks is the #1 cause of hacker attacks.

Defeat ISP Throttling
Defeat ISP Throttling

Internet service providers purposely slow down certain content, especially HD streaming. No longer will you be subject to buffering or limits that your ISP is forcing on you.

30-day money-back guarantee

Don't love HotBot VPN within 30 days? Then get your money-back, no questions asked!

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