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About Us

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Humans have travelled the seas and travelled the stars. Now, it’s time to travel the internet with absolute freedom, a goal we at HotBot VPN are making a reality.

In our technological age, too many restrictions have been imposed on the information just at our fingertips. It’s often censored and surveilled, limiting how far and how wide we can explore online. These problems, which affect us all, inspired the HotBot team to come together to provide a modern solution for a modern world. That’s why we created HotBot VPN.

We want you to explore, stream, and download while being completely secure in the knowledge that nothing and no one can track your online activities, including us. To give you complete freedom, privacy, and safety, we never track or log your internet data. You can also take your privacy a step further with our private search engine,

No matter where in the world you live, work, or visit, explore freely with HotBot VPN.

What We Offer

The Problem

In an instant, you can message a friend, read a recipe, and download a movie. In that same instant, your data is snatched up, analyzed and sold. In our era of technology, we also sacrifice our privacy, a problem that only grows worse every day. Governments, corporations, advertisers, and spammers are easily able to collect your most intimate information, building a profile about your life and using that knowledge to further their own agendas. The prevalence of public wi-fi, while convenient, only creates further danger to our private lives. Wi-fi hotspots are also hotspots for hackers who can see your activity and collect your most important records, such as login credentials or credit card numbers. In a world focused on becoming more convenient and technologically advanced, when did we agree to surrender our privacy? Here at HotBot VPN, we don’t believe you should have to.

Our Solution

At HotBot VPN, we want you to fully maintain your private life while freely enjoying your digital one. That’s why we’ve developed a secure virtual private network to offer you just that. Our VPN creates an encrypted virtual tunnel that allows you to travel the internet without being seen by anyone outside of that tunnel--not hackers, not corporations, not the government, or your internet service provider. Not even us. Our service allows you to appear as if you are on another system entirely, clears cookies and session data so you can’t be tracked and targeted by annoying ads, and also offers you the utmost security on public wi-fi so that you can be safe wherever in the world you are. HotBot VPN protects your online identity, privacy, security, and freedom.

Our Commitment

With the entirety of human knowledge and history at our fingertips, we believe humanity as a whole should know better than to use powerful tools for corrupt agendas, yet the internet is used for that purpose every day. Our team aims to bring goodness back to one of the most important inventions ever created, so that we can continue spreading innovation, diversity, and prosperity around the globe, without fearing for our privacy and security. HotBot VPN is our first step in that direction, and we look forward to working with you to take many more.

Connect with Us

HotBot VPN is a Seychelles-based company working with international teams to support our many worldwide VPN servers. Seychelles does not take part in what we have nicknamed “Big Surveillance,” a term describing organizations within a nation that dedicate their time and resources to monitor the actions of their citizens.

The major nations who partake in Big Surveillance activities are also part of what is known as the Five Eyes alliance, which was created after World War II. The alliance is comprised of a group of countries who surveil the actions of their citizens daily. Members of the Five Eyes alliance report their findings to their allies. The countries that make up this alliance are the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition to the Five Eyes alliance, there are two other international agreements that other countries take part in. They are the Nine Eyes alliance, and the 14 Eyes alliance. Although the existence of these groups is worrying, internet users who live in these regions should also know that the countries involved are more moderate in the liberties they take with citizen data compared to many other nations.

Fortunately, Seychelles is not a part of any surveillance, which means HotBotVPN is not subject to prying eyes. Even if we were, we do not collect any user data. Simply put, even if a world government attempted to force us to hand over user information, we have none to give. HotBotVPN is committed to keeping your online privacy, security, and freedom our main priority and we always will be.

If you have any questions about our policies, technology, and the laws that govern us, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or drop us a line at [email protected]

Why choose HotBotVPN?

Until you add a layer of protection to your internet connection, everything you do is at risk. All the personal information on your device or network can be seen and tracked. Our VPN is fast and can be set up to automatically connect. When it's on, you won't notice any difference in speed.

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Tap one button, or set an automatic connection to the fastest servers in any country.

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HotBot VPN uses Military-grade, un-crackable AES 256-bit encryption. Your data cannot be read by anyone.

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Watch videos while avoiding data capping and throttling. Enjoy unrestricted access.

Online Freedom

Safeguard your internet history and break through any ISP content restrictions with one easy-to-use app.

Privacy Protection

Keep your VOIP conversations private and hidden. Make sure no one is listening to or reading your texts.

Real-Time Monitoring

Download files without ISPs being able to see your activity. No logging, no throttling.

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