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Stable connection

Enjoy a fast and stable connection from anywhere.

Connect up to 6 devices on one account. Protect your IP address and personal data. With our total privacy guarantee, no one can see which websites you visit or what files you download. Make use of our lightning fast servers in many countries around the world. With HotBot VPN, you are covered with one click, no matter where you are.

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Secure internet

Private and secure internet access. Safe from hacking.

HotBot VPN connects you to a hacker-proof, encrypted tunnel for all your internet activity. Browsing, streaming and downloading are all secure using our anonymous worldwide VPN network. Because we never track or log your internet data, it is hidden from everyone, even us. HotBot VPN protects your devices and data on public wi-fi. Securely connect to personal or work data while you travel. Are you exposed?

Secure My Privacy
Internet restrictions

Keep using the internet without restrictions.

One of the top 10 things to bring on a vacation or business trip is a VPN. Whether you're a student studying or an employee working abroad, don't lose access to your favourite websites and entertainment content. Enjoy the freedom from censorship and data limits.


Why choose HotBotVPN?

Until you add a layer of protection to your internet connection, everything you do is at risk. All the personal information on your device or network can be seen and tracked. Our VPN is fast and can be set up to automatically connect. When it's on, you won't notice any difference in speed.

Quick Connect

Tap one button, or set an automatic connection to the fastest servers in any country.

Strong SSL Encryption

HotBot VPN uses Military-grade, un-crackable AES 256-bit encryption. Your data cannot be read by anyone.

Fast Streaming

Watch videos while avoiding data capping and throttling. Enjoy unrestricted access.

Online Freedom

Safeguard your internet history and break through any ISP content restrictions with one easy-to-use app.

Privacy Protection

Keep your VOIP conversations private and hidden. Make sure no one is listening to or reading your texts.

Real-Time Monitoring

Download files without ISPs being able to see your activity. No logging, no throttling.

Trusted by thousands of users

Toruk Ramos

I find hotbot great vpn service. I researched quite a few different vpn trials, and there was not really a clear winner. I think the biggest problem is potential conflicts of interest with the various reviewers. Still hotbot seemed to come out at or near the top in my research, so with that I decided to give them a try. This is the first VPN I paid for, but really I am just a beginner to it all.

Alexandru Porojan

AWESOME VPN! Best VPN I have found to break outside mainland China firewalls. Video streaming works. I purchased the 3 year deal and already I saved almost half price on some plane tickets by using different VPN locations. Protection for my identity and financial records. I highly recommend Hotbot to everyone


Easy to use on my Android phone. I get peace of mind making it harder for someone to steal my banking info or identity while on a public network.

Calvin Mckenzie

by far one of the fastest VPNs I've used recently. also, they say it works on Netflix and Hulu, AND IT ACTUALLY DOES! Anyone else who cant is wrong.

Alex Ecks

does everything it says it's suppose to. the app is easy to use. I'm enjoying the service so far. I've had it installed for like 3 weeks now. the service works just as fine as when the trial was still going on. i don't get lag or buffering when i watch videos when the vpn is on. definitely worth it, and the price is great too


hotbot is easy to use and it doesn't slow down my internet that I can tell. I mostly use it when I am out on a public wifi or for private browsing at home. I really don't want my ISP logging and tracking everything that I'm doing. I tested the privacy myself several ways, it is legit.

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