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Using a VPN for torrenting

What is torrenting? Should I use a VPN to torrent? Does HotBot VPN work with torrenting?

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What is torrenting and peer-to-peer technology?

Torrenting is a method of quickly sharing and downloading large files online.

In order to work, torrenting uses a technology called “peer-to-peer” or “P2P.” Peer-to-peer technology connects computers via the internet, allowing those computers to share files without the use of a server. Every time a torrenter wants access to a specific file, for example a movie or song, they can search for and access those files on the devices of other users.

Should I use a VPN to torrent?

Torrenting and peer-to-peer technology make file sharing fast and convenient. However, these technologies pose some risks to your online privacy and safety. To protect yourself, you should always use a VPN like HotBot VPN to torrent. Here’s why

  • Hide Your IP Address
    ​​When you share files on a torrenting website, you also share your IP address with other users.

    If you are using your real address, strangers online can track your activities without you knowing. Some internet service providers also slow service or track your activity to watch for piracy if your IP address tells them you’re actively torrenting content. A VPN will hide or change your IP address so neither of these situations can put you in a compromising position.

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  • Avoid Copyright Trolls
    ​​A copyright troll is someone who works on behalf of big-name media companies like movie and TV studios, record labels, and publishing houses.

    They keep an eye out for internet users who torrent content that has an active copyright, an activity which is illegal in most regions. Copyright trolls often directly contact those users with warnings, demands for fines, and threats of jail time.While none of those situations are pleasant, they can easily be avoided by using a VPN when torrenting content to hide your identity and location.

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  • Enjoy a Faster Connection
    ​​Not all torrenting is illegal. Not all of it is even morally grey.

    But, over the years, torrenting has become known for enabling media piracy, something that is illegal in most regions around the world. Because of this, many internet service providers automatically slow their speeds to users they see are actively torrenting (thanks to your IP address giving you away). By having a VPN mask your IP address, your ISP won’t know to slow down your internet speed so you can enjoy fast and easy downloads.

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How does HotBot VPN work with torrenting?

You have the world at your fingertips thanks to the power of the internet. That world shouldn’t be limited by IP tracking, internet service slow-downs, and risks of extortion from third-parties like copyright trolls. To give you free, fearless access to the web, we made sure HotBot VPN is compatible with torrenting. Our VPN service offers torrenters the following:

  • Excellent speeds

    ​​All of HotBot VPN’s servers offer fast and steady speeds, allowing you to browse the web with a minimum of frustration.

  • Strong encryption

    ​​HotBot VPN supports the OpenVPN protocol and is committed to offering our users top-notch encryption standards.

  • No restrictions

    HotBot VPN does not place any restrictions on torrenting or bandwidth.

  • Zero logs

    ​​We do not ever log your activity when you use our service. The things you do online are your business and your business alone. If you torrent while using our service, we won’t know about it and neither will anyone else.

  • No leaks

    ​​Not all VPN services are created equal and some are less safe than others, allowing your IP address and DNS to slip through the cracks in their security and into the hands of internet snoops who want your data. We’re happy to report that HotBot VPN is not among the list of unsafe VPNs. Our service is 100% leak free, keeping your data in your hands.

  • User-friendliness

    ​​An app is only as good as its user-interface. If users can’t figure out how to use a service, they won’t use it. Keeping that in mind, HotBot VPN designed a functional, yet beautiful app that can easily be used by everyone.

  • Location

    Our organization is based out of Seychelles, which is the ideal jurisdiction for privacy-centric operations. Seychelles is not a part of Big Surveillance (meaning it is not in the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance).

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