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February 14, 2023

How to Easily Unblock Wikipedia with HotBot VPN

Posted by Rhiannon

Wikipedia puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Everything from the biography of Alexander Graham Bell to the basics of quantum computing can be instantly opened by curious browsers. But what happens when you can’t access that information? Whether a business network blocks it or a particular country censors it, don’t let that slow you down. Simply use HotBot VPN to unblock Wikipedia. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Download the HotBot VPN desktop or mobile app. Then create an account.
  • Step 2: Pick one of our many servers outside of the region where Wikipedia is unavailable.
  • Step 3: Dive into reading about Queen Elizabeth II or the history of bacon.

Why is Wikipedia blocked in my region?

Networks may block Wikipedia for a variety of reasons. For example, many organizations consider it to be distracting. Because of this, schools or businesses might block the site when you connect to their network.

Another common reason is censorship. Wikipedia contains information on almost any conceivable topic. However, some governments don’t want their citizens having that much access to knowledge. Examples of these countries include China, North Korea, and Russia. The easiest way for these nations to prevent access to Wikipedia is censorship, so they block the site on all devices within the country.

Can I unblock Wikipedia on any device?

You absolutely can unblock Wikipedia on any device, as long as it has HotBot VPN installed. For desktops, our software is available on Windows and MacOS. Mobile users can enjoy our virtual private network as an Android or iOS app. Keep checking back because we’ll be adding even more devices in future!

You can see more of our guides below:

Posted by Rhiannon

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