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December 17, 2020

Shedding Light on 4 VPN Service Myths

Posted by kevin

Virtual private networks have existed for more than two decades. Since their creation, they have evolved to become one of the most effective tools for privacy, security, and more online. Despite their many uses, there are a number of myths surrounding the technology. While these myths seem harmless at first glance, they often prevent the average person from using and trusting VPNs. As a result of these VPN service myths, millions of people around the world browse the internet without proper security. 

Is there any truth to these myths? Let’s debunk some of the most common ones, including:

  • Only people who need maximum privacy use VPNs
  • Free VPNs are as good as paid ones
  • VPNs slow your connection
  • Using a VPN is illegal

Myth: Only People Who Need Maximum Privacy Use VPNs

One of the most common VPN service myths is that the only people who need them are those who require maximum security online, such as federal agents, government employees, and others with access to confidential information.

This is absolutely not true. Everyone can and should use a VPN, even if you don’t feel that you need extra privacy on your devices. This is because privacy is just one of the benefits that VPNs offer. Other benefits include bypassing geographical restrictions to access content that would otherwise be inaccessible to you, getting lower prices for things like hotel rooms and flights, and more.

That being said, having an encrypted and protected connection when surfing the web is a must-have, no matter who you are and where you are accessing the internet. There is always the danger of having your data stolen when you connect online, so by encrypting and anonymizing your activity, you protect yourself in the online world.

Myth: Free VPNs are as Good as Paid VPNs

There are plenty of free VPNs on the market. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” is especially apt in this situation. It’s one of the most prevalent VPN service myths that free ones are just as good as paid ones. Unfortunately, this myth has very little, if any, basis in truth. Free VPNs are generally limited in terms of the features and benefits they offer. In addition, by not taking payment from customers, they stoop to different methods of making money, many of which betray the trust people place in their VPN service.

For instance, free VPN providers may sell your information to a variety of groups, such as advertisers and even government agencies. They may also be filled with ads in order to make money. Finally, some free VPNs offer you a limited amount of use and when you reach that limit, they cut you off and ask for payment in order to restore your access. In other words, free VPNs are not so free, after all. With all the hassles they come with, you are much better off paying for VPN services.

Myth: VPNs Slow Your Connection

There are many who believe that VPN services slow your connection to the internet, making them impractical in a world where speed is everything. Like the other items on this list, this belief is a myth. In most cases, a reputable VPN will not slow down your connection. A good service should have servers around the world for your use; if one server is slow on a particular day (as is wont to happen with any network, whether through a VPN or not), you can just swap to another and still meet your needs.

Myth: Using a VPN is Illegal

A popular VPN service myth claims that virtual private networks are illegal. However, a VPN itself is not illegal. Unfortunately, this myth exists because some people online use these services for illegal purposes. On the bright side, the actions of the few won’t result in you getting in trouble for using a VPN service. In other words, if you use a VPN to surf the web or buy things online, you’re perfectly within your rights to do so. So long as you are not actively participating in illegal activities, with or without a VPN, you will not find any trouble.


With all of these myths out of the way, we hope you are more open to the idea of finally using a VPN. If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend signing up for the service that works best for you. Each time you connect to the internet without a VPN, you put yourself at risk of having your data and identity stolen. Take the time to look at different providers. No two VPNs are exactly alike, and each will come with unique benefits and features. 

HotBot VPN is a Seychelle-based company, offering VPN services free from Big Surveillance to guarantee your complete privacy. If you are looking for a reliable VPN service, try HotBot with your Windows, Android, and iOS devices today!

Posted by kevin

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